The About Us Section

Why is it called a Zine (z-eene)?

A "zine" represents a small circulation of published work often put together by one person or a small group.

Our zine has one chief of staff and ten individuals that volunteer their time to provide articles on a monthly basis. We hope you enjoy these articles and come back each month to learn more about our lovely (and thriving) town of Bellefonte and its surrounding communities.

Federalist Studios

Federalist Studios is the publisher of the Bellefonte Zine. The company is a local digital, media, and photography service. The business specializes in VHS to digital transfers, video editing, and landscape photography. Click on the website button above to find out more information.

Readers can also follow Federalist Studios Photography on Instagram and Facebook. The owner of the business is Carla Cipro. For more inquiries, email Carla at

Chief of Staff: Carla Cipro

Carla Cipro has lived in the Bellefonte area for the majority of her life. She is a video production teacher at Bellefonte Area High School, coaches cross country, and runs a side media business called Federalist Studios.

She felt that the revitalized town deserves a magazine to showcase its up and coming events and unique businesses and decided that now is great opportunity to get involved.

Carla lives in Bellefonte's Waterfront District with her husband and daughter.

If you are interested in supporting this endeavor or have content that you would like to submit, please reach out to Carla at