This segment in our Lifestyle Columns will feature portraitures taken by Jason Smoyer Photography along with a short biography on the individual.

“If you break it, he will come”- JS

Nestled among the rugged ridges of the 96,000 acres of Rothrock forest lie miles of mountain bike trails. Scattered throughout those trails is a copious amount of rocks. These rocks can wreak havoc on a bike and leave a rider in despair. But there is a hero out there, not in spandex and a cape but in shorts and a van. That hero is Jim Welsh of Blacklist Bikes. Jim started his mobile bike repair business with a desire to provide fast and convenient service. What can be more fast and convenient than the repair guy coming to you? Jim travels all around Bellefonte and the surrounding area services all types of bikes from cruisers and gravel to precision mountain bikes. And speaking from experience, it is very convenient.

Jim was just a 14 year old boy out of Spring City, PA when he started working on bikes. He was a BMX/ Flatlander rider with a big desire and very little money for a built wheel. So he decided to build his own and after a local bike shop reviewed his work, they offered him a job. Jim has worked in several bike shops in the area before starting his own.

Jim’s passion for bikes not only finds him fixing them, he likes to ride them too. “I really enjoy any type of slower speed technical riding. Growing up as a BMX/flatland rider, I’d spend hours in a parking lot attempting to do tricks without putting a foot on the ground. That mentality stuck when I transitioned to mountain biking. Can I make it up that hill without stopping? Can I get over that tree that’s fallen over the trail?”

Jim enjoys servicing the Bellefonte community. He is intrigued by the historic architecture and pleasantries of the customers residing here. For more info on Blacklist Bikes go to and be sure to honk when you see the van driving around town.

Jason Smoyer Photography

Taken from the Biography Section of the Jason Smoyer Photography website:

Jason was born and raised outside of Bellefonte, Pa. He joined the U.S. Army right out of high school. He met his wife in Georgia prior to finishing his service. Jason attended Penn State University for a short term before moving to Atlanta, Ga and pursued a photography degree at the Art Institute of Atlanta. He continued photography as a hobby while building a career in Large Format Printing. Jason has since moved his family back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family. He continues to grow his photography portfolio as he embarks on his many endeavors.