This Antique House


We bought one of the very first federalist styled homes in Bellefonte - the Ephraim Williams house, built in 1837. This column follows our journey in its renovations and life owning a 180 year old home... along with general home maintenance and home ownership information. I hope you enjoy!

With September, comes the time for your fall home maintenance checklist. Whether you have been living in your home for years, are a new home buyer, or living in a different home - these few tips can help ready you and your home for the upcoming winter months.

  1. Set up your Furnace and/or Chimney Annual Maintenance Appointments. Furnaces and chimneys require yearly check ups to make sure their filters and tunnels are clear and running efficiently. It is also a safety factor. Letting either of these heating pieces go without a professional looking at them every 1-2 years, could be very harmful and costly.

  2. Inspect gutters and roofs. Clear gutters from any debris from the summer. Check roofs for missing shingles. Call your local professional if you notice a rusting gutter or many missing shingles.

  3. Turn off outdoor water sources. At this point in time, you're most likely not going to be running the sprinklers, so if you have an outdoor hose, it's about time to turn off the water source to prevent those pipes from freezing.

  4. Clean out the refrigerator and wipe it down. Now that the spring and summer seasons have past, it's time to give the fridge a good wipe down and to throw out any expired foods. Start fresh moving into a new season and the school year (for some).

  5. Consider a humidifier. Humidifiers will help keep the air in your home from becoming too dry. These are especially useful in the colder months.

  6. Review Safety Features of the Home. Remove any clutter of newspapers, magazines, old mail from around the home. Begin to transition summer wear and decor to the fall. Check fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and review fire escape routes.

Completing the above will place you and your home in a great environment to lead into the upcoming cooler months. Happy fall!


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