THE GARDEN: Transitioning Your Backyard Patio from Summer to Fall

September is here! As I have gotten older, fall has become my favorite season - the football games, sweatshirt weather, cozy blankets, hot drinks, fires in the evenings - it doesn't get much better than that. And now that the evenings are getting a little colder, is it time to move inside? No way. This month's article will provide suggestions on how to make your outdoor patio space one that you can continue to enjoy for as long as the weather will let you.

  1. Rearrange your outdoor furniture. The arrangement in the summer, might not reflect how you will want to use the space now that it is getting a little chillier in the evenings. For example, we move our table off to the side and center our chairs around our fire pit (which is a propane heater). During the summer months, the fire pit is out farther in the yard. We also make a space for the TV so that it is near the fire.

  2. Trade out your plants for more seasonal plants and flowers. This includes mum plants, sunflowers, coneflowers, and even some roses will continue to bloom into the fall months. These flowers will also be able to stand the colder temperatures.

  3. Blankets and Pillows. Make sure you have cozy blankets and pillows at the ready to bring out and snuggle with a nice cup of cider or hot chocolate.

  4. Lighting. This might be a continuation from the summer, but string lights with warm lighting will help to set a cozy mood. You can even include lanterns as decor and extra lighting.

  5. Lastly, think about fall games. What are ways that you and the kids or neighbors can have some fun in the yard even when it gets a little cooler out? Games like corn hole, horse shoes or ring toss will get everyone moving and having fun.

Bring on the fall leaves, flannel clothes, and pumpkin spice!


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