This segment in our Lifestyle Columns will feature portraitures taken by Jason Smoyer Photography along with a short biography on the individual.

Meet Lori Fisher, Deputy Director of the Bellefonte Art Museum. Lori is a Central Pennsylvania native from Tyrone. She moved to Bellefonte, with her husband, Jason, in 2000. Lori was introduced to the museum by local artists in 2010 and hired as the Gallery Manager in 2013.

The museum consists of five galleries and a gift shop that rotates monthly and features artworks by local artists, including a unique display window allowing visitors to view art from outside the building. In addition, the Special Exhibitions Gallery brings unique art shows from near and far to enrich our community and highlight art from other places and cultures. The museum is housed in a historic property in Bellefonte, the Linn House. It attracts visitors for the art and programs, as well as for the historic quality of the house. “A Journey to

Freedom” is a permanent exhibition commemorating the role of our region in the operations of the Underground Railroad. The museum is open Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12:00-4:30 or by appointment.

Lori is very active in the community she loves. She serves on volunteer committees for Under the Lights, Chalk the Walk, Leadership Centre County, and others. She loves being part of Bellefonte and views the town as a vibrant community. When she isn’t working or volunteering, she is learning Spanish as a second language and spending time with her four adult children. She is also an artist herself using mostly oil paints.

“There’s nothing better than walking down the street to grab a cup of coffee and running into several people saying “hi” or stopping to chat. It’s that community mindset that has launched Bellefonte to be the destination it is today,” remarked Lori when asked about what she most likes about our community. She is a very passionate person about our community, the arts, and giving back to our great town.

Jason Smoyer Photography

Taken from the Biography Section of the Jason Smoyer Photography website:

Jason was born and raised outside of Bellefonte, Pa. He joined the U.S. Army right out of high school. He met his wife in Georgia prior to finishing his service. Jason attended Penn State University for a short term before moving to Atlanta, Ga and pursued a photography degree at the Art Institute of Atlanta. He continued photography as a hobby while building a career in Large Format Printing. Jason has since moved his family back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family. He continues to grow his photography portfolio as he embarks on his many endeavors.